Your path to wildness and wonder

We rewild land and bring you the joy of seeing life recover, return and thrive. 2020-2030 is the decade of restoration. Millions of people are now making the world wilder. Be part of the change and join us on our first project, in partnership with the Wildlife Trust.

You don't have to be a landowner to be a rewilder

The UK is the most nature depleted country in Europe, together we can change that. Here's how:

Follow a 3 acre site

Your subscription helps fund restoration work such as monitoring biodiversity and introducing animals that create wilder habitats.

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Choose a unique 3m by 3m tile

We can then personalise your experience as the land becomes wilder. You will be able to see changes across the 3 acres and specific to your tile.

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A personalised experience

We share updates through photos, video, audio and storytelling. And compile the best and most hopeful stories in the growing movement of rewilding.

Our awesome features
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